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If I have seen further than other men, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants. – Sir Isaac Newton

In many ways, this quote from Newton sums up both the man and his science perfectly. By all accounts, Newton wasn’t a pleasant man. Infamously, his path to the pinnacle of science was littered with the shredded careers of rivals such as Hook and Leibnitz. Arrogant, merciless, vindictive and at times violent (he was a passionate boxer) he was always convinced he was cleverer than anyone else in any given room (to be fair, he quite often was). Yet, he was also obsessed by the scientific method and held himself to even higher standards than those he used to judge others.

Though many of the scientific and mathematical principles ‘discovered’ throughout the ages are intricate or complex, the scientific method itself is disarmingly simple. Though I would be happy to have a discussion of its components, nature and value in the comments section, I shall just paraphrase it here. Seek out that which contradicts your most firmly held beliefs. This phrase too could probably (and indeed very well might) form the basis of its own blog post, but for now, let’s simply assimilate the sentiment. Understanding comes from actively seeking new knowledge.

To better understand the universe around us, we must first perceive it from a less biased viewpoint. This section is all about trying to look at the world around us from a new angle. Some of it is simply about finding out obscure or counter-intuitive facts, other parts are filled with my own meandering explorations to discover new or unique vantage points from which to study the world around us. I do hope you join in the adventure and even disprove my hypotheses. After all, in an unexpected last minute plot twist that contradicts many widely held beliefs, it turns out that the scientific method isn’t about finding what is right after all. It is about eliminating everything that is wrong!

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