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I criticize by creation – not by finding fault. Marcus Tullius Cicero

I once had a long conversation about whether a creative person was the same thing as an imaginative one. The outcome? Apparently, talking makes people thirsty and it was my turn to buy a round of drinks. However, long after my liver had metabolised the last of the alcohol I consumed that evening, the theme of the conversation stuck with me. Decades later, I still ponder the question occasionally.

Honestly, as a passionate mechanical design engineer, this question shouldn’t really be all that difficult to answer. According to an old adage, ‘Success is 1% INSPIRATION followed by 99% PERSPIRATION’. In other words, even though an initial spark of an idea is essential, a lot of effort has to go into making it happen. In this framework, that initial 1% counts as the invention and the rest is the creation.

Obviously, in the real world, the edges do blur a bit, especially when a designer has to go back and revisit previous work based on newly gained knowledge. Pragmatically, all we can say for sure is that design has both theoretic and practical aspects and that the greatest benefits come from implementing both.

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